Investment philosophy

Teldar was founded back in 2011 with a specific target to be an Holding Company to many business, based in UK and abroad, with a major interest into UK, Latvia, Estonia, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand and United Arab Emirates.

Teldar has developed a scalable process to source and evaluate potential investment opportunities, structure and execute transactions, implement value-added operational strategies, and ultimately generate and realise exceptional returns.


Our process starts by studying the market and select the most remunerative sectors. We have a main interest into Financial Regulated Firms (Payment Service Provider, Forex Company, Asset Management, Credit or Insurance Broker), Legal and Paralegal Firms, Cryptocurrency Business, Software and Apps Development Firm, Luxury Real Estate Firms and Web Media Firm.

We like to be Co-Founders or to Invest into Start-up Companies bringing an added value to them. We seek to align the interests of management with those of shareholders and focus on the operational processes.